Shellshocked Radio Talk with Thomas from Ceraphym

ThomASS was a guest on the Shellshocked Radio Talk podcast with MEGALMODAS.  Check out this conversation going on about the history of Ceraphym, being a one-man show, and the state of the music scene dealing with COVID19.


Descension v1.2 Out Now 

The next installment of the Descension era is out now on all major streaming platforms.  Descension v1.2 has two new tracks; Ring Road and Take What You Give.  You can purchase directly from Ceraphym’s Bandcamp page.  Click the image…

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New Single This Friday, December 13th

I'm pleased to announce the upcoming release of our premier single.  Right of Center will be available this Friday, December 13th on all major streaming and purchasing platforms.  We're also releasing the official music video at the same time.  Click…

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The new episode of The Ex-Man podcast with Doc Coyle with ThomASS as a sponsored guest.  In this episode, Doc speaks to two listeners and fans of the podcast.  First, Doc converses with Matt Neufeld, a defense attorney from Texas…

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ThomASS on The Ex-Man Podcast




Last month, ThomASS stopped in LA to join Doc Coyle (Bad Wolves, ex-God Forbid) as a sponsored guest of his podcast The Ex-man. They chatted about how Ceraphym has come about, how the sound has evolved, and the upcoming album…

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