A New Take On Heavy Industrial Music

Ceraphym shows are a different level altogether. An energetic experience of cinematic soundscapes mixed with heavy electronic samples.  Brutal guitar riffs uncompromisingly crash upon followers to excite the senses in a myriad of ways.

Now hailing from Los Angeles, California, Ceraphym is an instrumental industrial metal project created by Thomas “ThomASS” Crawford.  He brings his diverse talents as a musician and entertainer to continuously challenge the limits of heavy industrial music. With his 15+ years of experience, ThomASS makes Ceraphym engaging, introspective, and will entice you to join the choir.


Ceraphym’s Descension era releases is a two-year journey inspired by the perspective of an otherworldly creature who’s fallen into the tragic world we now live.  Descension starts with the premiere single, Right of Center (Descension 1.1 – 2019), followed by four additional EP releases, and ending with a full-length conclusion to include guest collaborators.

Join the Choir!